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Have you ever thought about how life has changed since the Internet came on the scene?  There are scores of things people do differently today than they did before high speed broadband came along.  Here are a few thoughts about how the internet has enriched the lives of people all over the world.




Ever wish you could go back and finish that degree?  Before the internet came along, returning to college was a huge commitment of time and resources.  Now, however, you can attend accredited classes online at hundreds of prestigious universities. Both undergraduate and advanced degrees can be attained right over the internet. 


Perhaps you've never had the opportunity to visit The Smithsonian Museum in Washington, The Louvre in Paris, or The Hermitage in St Petersburg. That has all changed now because you can go online and take virtual tours of these great museums -- and thousands more.




Perhaps after visiting The Louvre online, you decide you must see it in person. The best deals for airline tickets can be found by visiting travel sites that compare the prices of all the airlines.  


Of course, all your reservations can be made right online.  These include airline, hotel, car and even dinner reservations.  While you're at it, you can check exchange rates and purchase your travel insurance --- all with a simple click of the mouse. 


Not sure where to stay?  You can read customer reviews for practically every hotel in Paris. 

You can read the comments from other travelers and find not only the best hotels for every budget, but also delightful sidewalk cafes, the best tours of the city, the optimal time to visit the Eiffel Tower, or the most romantic restaurants.




Not only can you now watch movies and television shows on-demand on your computer, you can also use the internet to read reviews of films, plays and restaurants. Wonder if that independent book store you wanted to visit is open on Sundays? Find it online. Is that new movie worth seeing? Check Roger Ebert's review --- or read the review in New York Times or LA Times.  


You can listen to radio stations all around the globe. Heard a new song you like? Go to a download site, purchase it, and have it your computer in minutes! 


Financial Transactions


Taking care of routine financial matters is much easier since high speed internet access came along.  Now you can go online, check your bank balance and pay your bills right online. You can also manage your stock portfolio, which includes buying and selling stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments right on the internet -- usually for a very low fee.


Household Chores


Oops! How do you get grape juice out of a white tablecloth? One word: Google! Want to know how to install tile on your bathroom floor? Again, just go online and you'll find step-by-step instructions in no time.

Perhaps you are expecting dinner guests this Saturday evening and don't know what you are going to prepare. The internet has thousands of recipes for every dish you might imagine.  You can find recipes for simple down-home cooking, elegant gourmet fare, and dishes from every nation of the world. Within minutes you can find not only the recipes, but step-by-step photo instructions on preparation.


Remember when you used to let your fingers do the walking through the Yellow Pages? Not any more! Now you literally have thousands of stores at your fingertips. Want to know if that shirt comes in a pale yellow? Is it possible to purchase an 18-cup coffee maker? Do they make a bed skirt with an 18-inch drop? All your shopping questions can be answered in minutes on the internet.

These are just a few areas where high-speed internet has enriched our lives. Of course there are many other areas that have also been affected. People today socialize, read books & newspapers and keep journals & web logs online. Expensive long-distance charges for talking to friends and family are a thing of the past. You can now search your family tree, find long-lost relatives, and then talk to them live on your computer screen!  You can do this no matter where they are in the world --- and you can do it for free!

True, not all scientific advancements have made life better --- and certainly there are some downsides to the worldwide web. But overall, people's lives are much richer and fuller today because of high speed broadband and the internet.